Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Double Earth Planet System


This Scenario has been playing around my head for some time. What would it be like if the moon turned out to have more mass, and developed life on its own?
Some scientists argue that our planet is a double planet because of the apparent size of the moon compared to its larger sister.
For this scenario to work, our moon would need at least half the size of the earth for it to hold its gases and water, even then, it'd be a tricky balancing act.
Lets just say the moon had 70% the mass of the earth, and a comparative iron core to stimulate magnetsim. We could assume that the chances of the moon supporting life would be great.
If the moon had such mass, then the barycenter of both earth and the moon would be beyond earth's diameter, and thus be a true binary planet. It would also be orbiting farther than our current moon due to the equilibrium of the two planets tugging on one another. Even today, our moon still moves further away from us until it reaches that equilibrium until no further gains are made.
Im certain that if this scenario ever took place, life as we know it would be different from what we currently have, but it is a fantastic scenario nonthe less.

If one planet developed intelligent life ahead of the other, then the intelligent beings (ie Humans) could colonize and populate the moon. It would be a relatively short trip (a couple of weeks) and no need to bring in massive amounts of provisions, given the abundance of resources there.
Ofcourse with our current technology, it'd still be a challenge since additional fuel would have to be shuttled to the moon in order for the explorers to make a return trip, or alternatively, just produce it on the moon from gathered resources.
Every voyage brings in inherent dangers: predatory animals could have evolved on the moon, and being eaten by them would be catastrophic.
Also, the thinner atmosphere might take some time to acclimatize to due to its lower gravity. Alot of variables exist, but wouldn't it be fantastic? I wouldn't mind living in such a world of wonder.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being Free

Being free from debt

Being free from servitude

Being free from boundaries

Being free

Friday, September 4, 2009

Homeless Life


Whenever you see a homeless person many things pop in to mind. Words like "bum", "lazy", "crazy", "addict" or "out of luck". Ofcourse it is easy to stereotype these people as such, as they have fallen beneath the cracks of society and have ended up on the streets for various reasons. What we don't realize is they are living a life more advanced than us. They are not constrained by the systems we have to face like debt, mortgages, working, rent and The Man. They are even aware of it, and some of them are quite intelligent individuals. If you tried talking to some (save for the rambling mental case bum) you will glean alot of knowledge and experiece about life. Most of these people were once part of the social order of society, some have lucked out, yet most in my opinion have chosen that particular lifestyle because of the freedom it represents.

Im not saying the Homeless life is ideal or romantic. There are alot of obstacles a shelterly-challenged individual must face like the harsh elements, hunger, lack of a shower, social rejection and lack of proper clothing. It only takes the hardest case person to desire to live like that, Given the disadvantages, the allure of freedom, life in the outdoors and escape from the monotony of everyday life is enticing to many.

I always wanted to try this lifestyle, but Id want to make a compromise. Like instead of living in the rough, Id probably settle to squatting, or living in a trailer. You'd still need a certain income though for your power needs or for the gas when you relocate, but Im sure it'd be minimal compared to a mortgage or a condo. Plus, new scenery when you feel like it. ^^

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favoritest Actress ever

Elizabeth Hartman

When I was little-er my mom made me watch a VHS tape of The Secret of NIMH, cause um thats what moms do when they want to distract their kids. They bring a video game or a show so their kid wont bother them about ice cream and candy the whole weekend. The Secret of NIMH was a little mousy cartoon made by Don Bluth, my favorite American animator. As a wee sapling, I had no idea who stared in who, and who made the cartoon. I just wanted to see cartoons! Because cartoons are awesome like that. Well when I watched it, I was instantly captivated by the lead character Miss Brisby.

To put it simply, she was the kindest most heartwarming character I have ever seen. She fit the role perfectly, the way she looks after her kids with her motherly love and kindness. She is also prepared to do anything for them, something I admire so much. So it got me thinking, yeah sure the character is nice, but whoever voiced her? So I looked around and it was Elizabeth Hartman whom I checked out her filmography and watched them all. She usually starred in these roles where she is the kind, loving, and often defenseless girl or wife.

My Favorite was A Patch of Blue, one of my favorite films ever in which she played a poor helpless blind girl. Her and the renowned Sidney Poiter made a dream lead duo in cinema history. Ok so the film was different from the book, but it was a masterpiece nontheless.
Looking at interviews and archive footage of her, it was concluded that she was really a nice person in real life. I loved the way she talks, so homely and full of warmth. ^.^
Something that is so lacking in todays world ;__;

Sadly she struggled with depression all her life which was the cause of her early death.

I wish more people were kind like her ;_;

Elizabeth Hartman December 23, 1943 – June 10, 1987

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fast Food Follies

OK, I work at a certain fast food place that makes Tacos. I do the night shift. I work around 8:00PM to 8:00 AM. Sometimes more sometimes less. I got into the night shift thinking it was cruisy, because people usually sleep at night. I thought I could spend my whole work day playing PSP and hanging around the parking lot kicking cans. BOY WAS I WRONG! Here are some of my fast food related experiences about the "customers" I deal with that I thought I might share.

Dreaded College Kids - Ok, our joint is very busy, its right next to a major intersection so we get alot of traffic at all times. Every night around 9PM to 1AM, We get waves of college kids that just finished playing X-box and smoking their butts off. We have some major universities near by. They come out of their dorms like woodlice comming out of a woodpile on a rainy day. So naturally they get hungry from all that button mashing and smoking that wierd smelling cinnamon like substance that makes their eyes red and stuff. Dont ask me what it is, I have no idea ^^;
Anyway, they hang around the parking lot, and make alot of noise with their howling and hollering like a bunch of wild monkeys with a bad rash. The noise gets way worse when there are "wimmins" around. Some of the "cleverer" ones do stuff like doing burn-outs and donuts on the parking lot. We had to call the cops on them at times.
Whats more, when they order at the intercom they think they are real comedians. Now I love a good fast food intercom joke as much as the other guy, but for cheese's sake. Heres a Sample:

Employee: Welcome To (Insert Fastfood Place Here) Can I take your order?
College Kid: Hi Can I get stink burger
Employee: Come Again?
College Kids In Car: *Chuckling*

OK, now thats comedy for you. Ironically these species of customer is the most profitable because they order by the bucket-load. They store vast amounts of food and beer in their cavernous guts for when the next all-nighter X-box gaming session.

Attack of The Marrauding Homeless - Being on a busy junction, some homeless come by occationaly to knock on our window to ask for some food. Now, I really wanna help out these guys but its company policy to not give away any freebies. Especially when the manager is watching. We usually tell them to wait in the back door and covertly hand them out some things we didnt sell. Now alot of them are alright, but some are very mennacing. They act like they own the place and demand food on the spot. Whats more they pee on the curb next to the door. Its creating up a smell after awhile, now guess who gets to clean it sometimes. ;__;

Country Hicks from Heck - On occation we get a visit from country folk (Theres a big trailer park not a few miles from where I work). Now these people are polite and all, but they talk real funny. Now anyone can understand southern speak, but some of these folks talk Backwoods Speak. Which is like listening to Boomhower from King Of The Hill. Yes REAL people actually talk like that O.O
It just makes the process of getting their orders right all the more tedious.

So the lesson here kiddies, is get educated. I hope I finish college soon. Ok thats it for now, tune in next time for some of my life's adventures ^.^

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Cheeseballs must be the bestest foodgroup ever invented. Nothing like eating a mouthful of extruded wheat and corn, topped with powdered sodium bursts of cheese. I like Utz and Planters, but Planters seems to be a bit hard to come by nowadays. Cheetos also satisfies in the cheesy puff department. I love them all, I hope to one day wake up in cheeseball heaven ^.^

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Decline Of Suburbia

The Suburbs has only been a recent phenomenon, only a hundred years or so. For Thousands of years cities were compact. This was because they needed to squeeze every single bit of space inside the defensive walls, which kept invaders at bay. And people traveled on foot, which was slow. So naturally you needed a nice small area to roam around. The advent of the auto-boom brought us the wonderous alternate universe known as the suburbs. Here all the lawns are mowed at least once a week, and everyone is friendly. A far cry from the grumpy people in the cities, rushing like ants for their daily activities. Thus the monster known as the suburbs overtook our lives.


Isnt it lovely? All the neat houses with lawns and miles upon miles of asphalt. I bet everyone would want to live in such a place. The problem isn't with the idyllic nature of suburbia, but its cost. Im sure the economic climate of the future would be far less suburb-friendly. You see, it takes a great deal of resources to build and maintain them roads and lawns. Even for the average suburbanite the cost of transport is all too great. We all know that $100 nowadays can barely fill up an SUV for a week. Not to mention the water costs to maintaining your lawn. Wouldnt it be nicer if you could just walk or take a short train ride to work rather than spending 2 hours on gridlock, inhaling exhaust from the driver in front of you as she forgets to move forward because she is more concerned with applying the right eyeliner.
Factor all those costs together, the gas, mortgage, time lost sitting on the freeway, then basically the suburbs nowadays are more a liability. Still people are drawn to the burbs. Thats still fine and dandy if thats your sweet spot. There are alot of alternatives though.


Unless you like living in a Soviet Bloc style setup, High density housing isnt really the best option for anyone. These large cookie cutter buildings eventualy fall into disrepair because of owner neglect and a lack of sense of community. Although this is the most efficient design, nowadays we look after well being before efficiency. Fire hazard is also a major issue, alot of these things become death traps especially if the emergency systems fall into disrepair.


This is one of my model urban settings, a part of Amsterdam. With compact footprints and a high density, you can basically weave a good mass transit system around it, may it be rail or bus. Personally I prefer rail. People living here will likely have more of a sense of community than apartment style houses, since land is still subdivided like the suburbs albeit less generous portions hence why maximization is essensial. With up to 7 times the density of todays suburb, it is still a far cry from super high density, but with planning of vital infrastructure like schools and hospitals. City decentralization can be more of a possibility. This setting has a greater fire hazard than the suburbs but can be kept in check by firewalls and a faster response by emergency teams compared to the suburbs.

I hope in the future more cities will be like this, with strict zoning and land allocating, this will be more of a possibility. Which means less commutes and greater automobile-independent accesibility.