Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fast Food Follies

OK, I work at a certain fast food place that makes Tacos. I do the night shift. I work around 8:00PM to 8:00 AM. Sometimes more sometimes less. I got into the night shift thinking it was cruisy, because people usually sleep at night. I thought I could spend my whole work day playing PSP and hanging around the parking lot kicking cans. BOY WAS I WRONG! Here are some of my fast food related experiences about the "customers" I deal with that I thought I might share.

Dreaded College Kids - Ok, our joint is very busy, its right next to a major intersection so we get alot of traffic at all times. Every night around 9PM to 1AM, We get waves of college kids that just finished playing X-box and smoking their butts off. We have some major universities near by. They come out of their dorms like woodlice comming out of a woodpile on a rainy day. So naturally they get hungry from all that button mashing and smoking that wierd smelling cinnamon like substance that makes their eyes red and stuff. Dont ask me what it is, I have no idea ^^;
Anyway, they hang around the parking lot, and make alot of noise with their howling and hollering like a bunch of wild monkeys with a bad rash. The noise gets way worse when there are "wimmins" around. Some of the "cleverer" ones do stuff like doing burn-outs and donuts on the parking lot. We had to call the cops on them at times.
Whats more, when they order at the intercom they think they are real comedians. Now I love a good fast food intercom joke as much as the other guy, but for cheese's sake. Heres a Sample:

Employee: Welcome To (Insert Fastfood Place Here) Can I take your order?
College Kid: Hi Can I get stink burger
Employee: Come Again?
College Kids In Car: *Chuckling*

OK, now thats comedy for you. Ironically these species of customer is the most profitable because they order by the bucket-load. They store vast amounts of food and beer in their cavernous guts for when the next all-nighter X-box gaming session.

Attack of The Marrauding Homeless - Being on a busy junction, some homeless come by occationaly to knock on our window to ask for some food. Now, I really wanna help out these guys but its company policy to not give away any freebies. Especially when the manager is watching. We usually tell them to wait in the back door and covertly hand them out some things we didnt sell. Now alot of them are alright, but some are very mennacing. They act like they own the place and demand food on the spot. Whats more they pee on the curb next to the door. Its creating up a smell after awhile, now guess who gets to clean it sometimes. ;__;

Country Hicks from Heck - On occation we get a visit from country folk (Theres a big trailer park not a few miles from where I work). Now these people are polite and all, but they talk real funny. Now anyone can understand southern speak, but some of these folks talk Backwoods Speak. Which is like listening to Boomhower from King Of The Hill. Yes REAL people actually talk like that O.O
It just makes the process of getting their orders right all the more tedious.

So the lesson here kiddies, is get educated. I hope I finish college soon. Ok thats it for now, tune in next time for some of my life's adventures ^.^

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  1. My best buddy is one of those comedian type cinnamon lovers. He'll waste about 5 minutes ordering in drive-thru.