Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favoritest Actress ever

Elizabeth Hartman

When I was little-er my mom made me watch a VHS tape of The Secret of NIMH, cause um thats what moms do when they want to distract their kids. They bring a video game or a show so their kid wont bother them about ice cream and candy the whole weekend. The Secret of NIMH was a little mousy cartoon made by Don Bluth, my favorite American animator. As a wee sapling, I had no idea who stared in who, and who made the cartoon. I just wanted to see cartoons! Because cartoons are awesome like that. Well when I watched it, I was instantly captivated by the lead character Miss Brisby.

To put it simply, she was the kindest most heartwarming character I have ever seen. She fit the role perfectly, the way she looks after her kids with her motherly love and kindness. She is also prepared to do anything for them, something I admire so much. So it got me thinking, yeah sure the character is nice, but whoever voiced her? So I looked around and it was Elizabeth Hartman whom I checked out her filmography and watched them all. She usually starred in these roles where she is the kind, loving, and often defenseless girl or wife.

My Favorite was A Patch of Blue, one of my favorite films ever in which she played a poor helpless blind girl. Her and the renowned Sidney Poiter made a dream lead duo in cinema history. Ok so the film was different from the book, but it was a masterpiece nontheless.
Looking at interviews and archive footage of her, it was concluded that she was really a nice person in real life. I loved the way she talks, so homely and full of warmth. ^.^
Something that is so lacking in todays world ;__;

Sadly she struggled with depression all her life which was the cause of her early death.

I wish more people were kind like her ;_;

Elizabeth Hartman December 23, 1943 – June 10, 1987

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  1. Me too. Everyone should die young from depression.