Friday, September 4, 2009

Homeless Life


Whenever you see a homeless person many things pop in to mind. Words like "bum", "lazy", "crazy", "addict" or "out of luck". Ofcourse it is easy to stereotype these people as such, as they have fallen beneath the cracks of society and have ended up on the streets for various reasons. What we don't realize is they are living a life more advanced than us. They are not constrained by the systems we have to face like debt, mortgages, working, rent and The Man. They are even aware of it, and some of them are quite intelligent individuals. If you tried talking to some (save for the rambling mental case bum) you will glean alot of knowledge and experiece about life. Most of these people were once part of the social order of society, some have lucked out, yet most in my opinion have chosen that particular lifestyle because of the freedom it represents.

Im not saying the Homeless life is ideal or romantic. There are alot of obstacles a shelterly-challenged individual must face like the harsh elements, hunger, lack of a shower, social rejection and lack of proper clothing. It only takes the hardest case person to desire to live like that, Given the disadvantages, the allure of freedom, life in the outdoors and escape from the monotony of everyday life is enticing to many.

I always wanted to try this lifestyle, but Id want to make a compromise. Like instead of living in the rough, Id probably settle to squatting, or living in a trailer. You'd still need a certain income though for your power needs or for the gas when you relocate, but Im sure it'd be minimal compared to a mortgage or a condo. Plus, new scenery when you feel like it. ^^


  1. Usually when there’s a homeless person and you can tell that they’re homeless, they’re the unstable/druggy type. There are a lot of places that people can go to and get clean clothes, bathe and sleep for free. It’s the homeless people who look like everyone else that are the normals you’re thinking of. If they’re dirty and begging on the street, there’s a reason they’re doing that and not chillin’ at a shelter or looking for employment. I get the feeling you think that all homeless people are hobos.

  2. Well alot of them are, I met an X army vet, a guy who used to run an export business, and a musician all of them homeless. SOme beg in the streets because they make up to $500 a day doing that ^.^

  3. I was homeless in San Francisco for about 5 weeks. You can shower everyday and even wash your clothes. The only thing I couldn't find was food. I didn't see any soup kitchens.